Nutritional Testing including Nutrient Deficiency & Micronutrient Testing

Dynamic Life offers a variety of nutritional testing to aid in healthy aging. Our physicians focus on prevention and wellness. Micronutrient Testing – Did you know a micronutrient deficiency can lead to a number of nervous system disorders including migraines and even Alzheimer’s?

We use specialized testing that detects vitamin, mineral and antioxidant depletion. There is strong evidence to support that vitamin deficiencies can lead to chronic disease states such as osteoporosis, strokes, cancers and aging. Our testing measures 32 nutrients and antioxidants. Our hormonal balance is affected by nutritional deficiencies as well. Many prescription medications can deplete the bodies nutrient status.

At Dynamic Life Health Center, our goal is to help you slow down the negative effects of aging. We use the latest technology and healthy aging techniques available on the market.

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