Cognitive Testing and Biological Age Testing

A healthy mind and body is vital to maintaining a high quality of life.

Dynamic Life Health Centers emphasizes the importance of mental sharpness and memory on maintaining a high quality of life as the body ages. In evaluating patients in our age management program, we include a number of short-term memory tests and cognitive tests. Memory and analytical thinking can decrease as the body ages or with certain medical conditions. Cognitive retention and memory are a critical part of a healthy age management program. We understand the desire to live not only a longer life but a happy and healthy longer life.

Types of tests performed at our Dallas Fort Worth office in Southlake:

Biological Age Testing - How fast are you aging?
  • Telomere Testing: Age adjusted telomere length is a method to evaluate biologic age by studying your chromosomal changes. Therapies can be directed at slowing the loss of telomere length which may slow aging and age related disease. This tests measures health with markers specific to aging and longevity. Talk with one of our age management professionals today to start a custom healthy aging program.
  • Biomarkers testing: We offer lab testing to screen for certain genotypes and biomarkers that have been linked to higher rates of Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline and stroke.
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